Monday, April 09, 2007

My little niece came through the operation with flying colors, and was sent home a day early because she was making such a good recovery. Thank you everyone who prayed for her, for her parents, for me, for all sick kids. I am so glad the operation is over, and from what my father says, she's doing well, although her parents could use a year in a resort to recover.

I've been reading a fantastic memoir by a woman named Lisa Jones about a Native American shaman who works with horses and people, helping beings find their center. It's quite remarkable and I should be done by tomorrow when I'll be able to post more.


mermaid said...

I am happy to hear your niece is well. Illness is so hard physically, emotionally, and spiritually on families.

I am very lucky to able to help others find their center through my work. The memoir you are reading must be inspirational.

Carla Zilbersmith said...

HOoray! I was hoping the blog would give me some news of your neice!

LOts of love.