Monday, April 02, 2007

I don't know what my stars are doing overhead, but it's crazy! The little play I wrote in November, called Oasis, has been accepted as part of a group of short plays that will get a small production in May--May 4,5,11, and 12, the same exact dates as See How We Almost Fly. And Saying Kaddish with My Sister will have had its workshop production in Michigan the weekend before. So I'll have three plays up and running in the same three weeks. This is awesome. The only thing missing from this scenario is money. I have to trust that that will follow--someday.

Meanwhile, I've tumbled into an unexpectedly close and romantic connection with C and have spent more time with him in the last three days than I've spent with a lover in years--long years. Amazingly we didn't get sick of each other, although cats on both sides got a little miffed at the intruder.

We saw The Namesake which is the best film I've seen in a long time--my vote for Oscar next year. Too bad it's coming out so early in the spring by the time the Academy Awards roll around everyone will have forgotten about it. Go see it. It's a genuinely loving film about life, relationships, and fate.

A couple of Writing Salon classes just ended, and yesterday I taught my last class of Memoir and Testimony at New College with a bit of a pang. I don't know when I'll be teaching there next. It was a great class. And I'm waiting to hear on several essays that are pout and about. This next week with more time I'll try to write the next essay in the line-up--and retrieve my poetry ms. again. For tonight it's a multi-cultural Seder for twenty people, and I haven't cleaned the house, copied the Haggadah or bought matzahs. Aaarrrgghhh!!

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