Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gray day outside, and C is off to Juvenile Hall to visit some of his kids. We went to the deYoung Museum yesterday in Golden Gate Park to see the Louise Nevelson exhibit. Austere assemblages, painted mostly all black or all white. I was struck by a huge wedding display she did at age sixty. In the program notes she said it did not relate to her own failed marriage of thirty years before, but "a wedding with the world." I think that's what all poets and artists strive to achieve, a wedding with the world, but it's not always easy. The world frequently leaves the toilet seat up and socks on the floor. The world is demanding and capricious. Nevertheless.

Came home and I got out the paints C had given me for Chanukah and painted some feet floating in the air with vines coming off them. I was thinking of Carla's precious feet, how they are weighted down by this ALS thing, and the feet of those who fly in dreams but are connected to earth by green tendrils.

We've been watching movies lately: Breach, with Chris Cooper and Ryan Philippe, very good, Hollywoodland last night with Ben Affleck and Adrian Brody, less good, but God, I love Adrian Brody's face! It's so rare that you see a real Jewish face in Hollywood, with a nose that long, and eyes that sensitive and intelligent! I was tranfixed by his face, but the movie was annoyingly opaque; we kept having to pause it and ask each other, "Did you understand what he said?" "No, I didn't either, but I'm sure it will all be explained in the Special Features." God bless Special Features; that's why I love DVDs.

I found out that See How We Almost Fly is a finalist in one of the contests I sent it to back in September. It's been a finalist several times now, which means I am definitely getting warmer. If it wins, I'll have to withdraw Sustain from the contests I entered it in as there is so much overlap between them. I am inching forward on the Marie Antoinette play and the gym essay. Speaking of which, it's time to go swim.

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