Thursday, June 07, 2007

I finished, I finished, I finished! Sweet God in Heaven, I finished.

And it's good--I have the sense that this is a good play. It's lively--it moves. The dialogue is natural. The plot has forward drive. There's even suspense.

For the last eight days my butt has been glued to the seat of my chair. I don't know what kept me here. Stubbornness? Compulsion? These voices coming through.

I finished at 7:45 p.m. Flew out the door and was in Redwood Park by 8, hiking. I felt feral, like I could eat the bark off the trees. Finished my hike in near darkness at nine, the whole city glimmering below me.

I feel wild. Feel like I could live in the woods, feel fierce and shaggy and unwashed and untamed.

Tomorrow I'll do a load of laundry and get my hair trimmed and make an appointment to do my taxes and rejoin the human race. But right now I haven't really landed yet, I'm suspended somewhere between imagination and reality, still talking to myself, still hearing these characters in that ghostly hot tub.


mermaid said...

Ecstasy? Embrace it.

Theresa Williams said...

That's so great. Your enthusiasm is contageous and has gotten me moving on my project again. I'd taken some time off 'cause I was tired of the revising, which had to be done before I could move forward. Feral?! Wow!