Sunday, November 12, 2006

A working weekend. Yesterday, tsaught Suzy Parker's Memoir class at the Writing Salon for her while she's on leave; today perform with Wing It! for a benefit to raise money for a school in Mozambique and then teach again tonight at Writing Salon in SF. In between, G and I managed to squeeze in a movie date--we went to see Stephne Frears' The Queen, which was pretty good. Helen Mirren was wonderful, and oddly touching.

In some way her portrayal reminded me of my mother, of that generation of people who could not express their feelings and didn't think it was "appropriate"--who defended that choice with sarcasm or superiority, but who, underneath, hardly knew what her emotions were, and so was totally at their mercy.

I didn't think Prince Charles was well-cast--he seemed too young and too cute. Charles seems to me to have been an old man when he was thirty, and the actor playing him seemed too boyish. The script was subtle, and I really liked the way a slippery strategic tightrope was walked by the main characters--you hardly ever see people in movies discussing strategy when it doesn't concern guns or bombs.

It's not the best movie I've ever seen--G and I both gave it a solid "B" overall--but satisfying, and fun.

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