Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bwak! Bwak! I'm like a broody hen.

Bwak! Bwak! About to lay some more poems. Can't quite get to it. The weather turned today--it's gray and rainy. I taught kids in the morning, came home, took a bottom of the ocean power nap, and since then I've been drifting around the house with the new poems bulging against my openings, wanting to come out.

I just need to find a nice soft nest.

It's not a painful feeling, just a little itchy and uncomfortable. I cook soup, hang up some clothes in my room, pay bills, chat with friends. And all the while, the ideas, which I've put on hold for a couple of days, are jostling me from the inside.

Bwak! Bwak!

Gotta pay the utility bills, and then I swear I'll do it.

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