Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Preparing for my father and stepmother's visit by getting and installing a new toilet...hmmm...perhaps this wasn't the best idea. Oddly-shaped guest bathroom, meaning most conventional toilets won't fit. Sweat and cursing. Christopher made a trip back and forth to the toilet store. I sit glued to the screen on a beautiful summer day, working on the revision of The Recruiter. Page by page, creeps on this petty pace. We have been watching a lot of historical dramas: the Lion in Winter, Becket, Man for All seasons, and John and Abigail Adams. I love history! But it's so hard to walk through it a page at a time, giving voice to every side. I'd say this writing business was like walking through a blizzard except murkier. Tomorrow night I'm going to see Restrepo with a new friend.


Anonymous said...

My mom had a knack for choosing unusual household changes that her kids thought were odd. . but then afterwards, her slightly different take on solving a design challenge would turn out to be a great, albiet, unusual choice.

Her most famous odd choice was when she put a triangular toilet in her guest bathroom. It was a too-small bathroom that had been given no thought when originally put in, before she lived in this house. There was a full cabinet holding the sink and a full toilet coming out of the wall opposite the cabinet, as if there was enough space for both full cabinet and full toilet. . .but there wasn't. There should have been a small cabinet, only big enough for the sink. Instead, the cabinet ran much longer than the sink . . . right where the knees of the person sitting on the toilet belonged.

But when you tucked a triangular toilet bowl right into the corner, with the toilet seat weirdly angled, suddenly, it was a perfectly good toilet and we all stopped going into the master bath off her bedroom because we hated the cramped toilet experience.

I wonder if a triangular toilet would solve you space challenge?

The toilet tank in our triangle really was triangular, tucked into the corner and the seat came out from the wall at an angle, indirect of going directly into the cabinet/ or, in some tight spaces, it would go towards a too-close wall.

Just something to help you think your design challenge through.

If you have already put in a regular toilet, it might not be too late to go triangle. if that would help.

Alison said...

what an intriguing concept! We tried two different fancy toilets in there, and neither of them fit, so C was forced to re-install the original poopy old toilet (excuse the pun). But our intention is to replace that one. i never heard of a triangular toilet before, i will have to mention it to the toilet-meister of the family...thanks for the wisdom.