Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's beautiful, cool sunny fall weather, but there's a sadness in the changing of the season. We want to hold the light and we can't. Figs are hardening on the tree. Feral kittens nowhere to be found this morning, although the mama is coming around faithfully. C is healing well but still in some pain. And my book is HERE and I've been sitting at my desk thinking up strategies for shameless self-promotion, which is what's needed, but kind of embarrassing. I do want to sell the book. Eight years in the making, the work deserves whatever publicity I can get for it. At the same time, the poems in it are old to me; I'm more interested in what I'm working on now, or what I'm about to work on. Last poems for Love Shack. Finish the essay I started about second marriage and the book proposal. Finish The Recruiter. Get the three little one-act plays of Glitter and Spew produced, separately or together. And keep going deeper into the heart of the world, leaves and light and people.


Anonymous said...

so...sell this book here on your blog. we shall note the price (including tax) and send you a personal check to: ?

one of your regular (albeit anonymous) readers, with affection and always in awe of you and your many talents...

p.s. hope C continues to feel better and better each and every day! please pass that along...

Anonymous said...

it is anonymous me, again. i just re-read an older post and see that the book can be ordered via your website OR at this link: http://www.pearlmag.com/pearled/html

the second link does not seem to be working. dunno, maybe just my computer and i do not see how to order the book on your website. please clarify. thanks!

David Shearer said...


I agree with Anonymous. Sell your book on your blog, as well as elsewhere. I would always prefer to deal directly with the author.

I hope C is mending peacefully.

In case you haven't heard, your Loving Jesus poem is reprinted in The Sun online newsletter this month.

David S. Shearer

Alison said...

Hi you guys!

Thank you for the nudge.

Well, you can--or should be able to order the book through my website in the section marked "Books." If you click on that page, there should be a link that connects you right to Pearl Editions' ordering page.

Otherwise, send me your addresses, and I will send you books.


Anonymous said...

Super thrilled to read the good news. I will be ordering it, for sure.

Glad to hear C. is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Amazon dot com has your book. For shameless promotion, and since you are not tech-savvy, every single post of yours should have the links to buy your book. Every single post.

We need poetry, desperately. So, many people will appreciate the info.

And, I would rather have you work on your work, than worry about sending me your book. I'll let Amazon or Pearl do that.

A huge Congratulations.