Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We went to see Young@Heart Sunday and laughed and cried our way through it. What an incredible testament to spirit that movie is! The 92-year-old woman who started doing a strip-tease with the chorus when she was 70, the old men and their sweetness--reminds me of a poem by I think it is Jack Grapes, about old women--something about beehives which are so packed with honey. Rich storehouses. I feel that way about my father. He has ripened into a sweetness that brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of it.

I sent off the tennis essay and immediately turned to working on an essay about the women's self-defense class--too immediately. I was hyper--caught up in big ideas about making lots of money doing these personbal essays. I worked and worked on it, but it's not there. I need to let it rest and marinate--need to let myself rest and marinate. I'm blessed and cursed with an overabuncance of imagination, which means I constantly dream up scemes and plans and projects. It's hard to take a mental break from all that.

Lauren just called an offered a date with her two-year-old daughter to the zoo!

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