Saturday, April 05, 2008

A while back, Carla published a Participi-Blog where she invited people to write in and share what makes life worth living for them, the small and large things that light up their days. (To see it, go to . I wish I could figure out how to add links on this blog--I have had two friends, both much smarter about computers than me, try and come up stumped--there might be a glitch in my Blogger account.)

Anyway, I got my sister's and my nephew's permission to publish this letter from Eli, age 8, which rocked me with joy before going up on the refrigerator door. Here it is, original spelling intact:

Dear Ant Alison,

Here are pictures of me with teeth missing. Come soon. My mom is an Alein my real mom is on Mars you have to take care of me. Now I lost 4 teeth, 2 on the top 2 on the bottom I can't chew.If you played Boggle with Mom when she was a kid shes awesome! [Editor's note: this is a true fact. My sister can slay all comers in Boggle.] I'm not as good but I can do 2 letter words. Love ELI


Anonymous said...

Eli is 7. And I am not an alien, nor am I on Mars.
Signed, Eli's mother and Alison's sister

Alison said...

Yes, but honey, you are unassailable in Boggle.

Jessica said...

Actually, I remember Alison totally kicking our ass in Boggle growing up.
love, your cousin

Anonymous said...
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Alison said...

I am the one who comes up with creative five and six-letter words in Boggle, some of which are actually in the dictionary. Emily is relentless and methodical, like an invasion of locusts--she doesn't miss a single four letter word or any of its variants. She just plows ahead and gets them all. Play her at your own risk.