Friday, February 22, 2008

Yesterday in the teacher's room, there was a discussion of boys and war imagery that segued into talk of fathers, brothers and sons who served or are serving in the military. I just listened with my ears open. So much to chew on for the musical.

Then last night I went over my friend Jill Nagle's house for a reading of her new screenplay. It was fantastic! Interesting, complicated situation, a psychological thriller, original insight probing people's vulnerabilities. She did twenty-two drafts of it--twenty-two drafts. That's the thing about critics. It's easy to criticize. What's hard is to hold on and keep the faith for twenty-two drafts or as long as it takes.

Today, Ruth's birthday, we went hikinbg in the hills during a break between rains. The grass was sparkling and we saw turkey vultures dipping low and circling over us, looking for food. The acacia trees are blooming yellow all over the county with their mild spicy smell. One of C's students made a propaganda pster extolling his virtues as a teacher. I'm prouder than if he had won the Pulitzer.

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