Monday, December 03, 2007

Moments of intense, absolute, magical sweetness over the weekend; playing, wrestling, smooching, exploring, risking a little, playing harder, discovering how big and how fertile is this field of play between us.

Now: Monday. I have finished a rewrite of My Hot Tub With Andrea, that I think is really strong. Much stronger than before. I also think a change in title is in order. My Hot Tub with Andrea is obsolete--I've changed her name to Olivia, for one thing, and no longer need to lean on the title of that old movie, My Dinner with Andre.

I'm thinking of Olivia and Jack in the Hot Tub, A Hard Day's Night, Civil Liberties, or Uncivil Liberties. So far I'm kind of leaning towards Civil Liberties, which I realize is the most boring title of all, but it references the most important theme of the play. Incidentally, Tennessee Williams' Street Car Named Desire had at one point the title Blanche's Chair on the Moon. I love the way he used poetic images for his titles.

I'm also considering Love, Shmove, (a line from the play, but I think it sounds too much like Borscht belt comedy, which is false advertizing, or Love Is A Hot Wet Swamp, except that sounds kind of like Charles Bukowski's Love is a Dog From Hell.

Or what about Forgiven (a line from the play; also a play on words for that Clint Eastwood movie, Unforgiven, which was a classic Western--maybe my play is a classic Eastern--a couple of people just sitting around talking, talking, talking all night...

I'm also thinking Pandora's Box, which has that sexual overtone that tells you something about the themes. What about Civil Liberties, or Pandora's Box, which is very Tony Kushner-esque--when you can't choose one, just go with both, and make it sound old-fashioned and classy.

Head shots today for Wing It! Got to make myself look pretty.


Leila said...

don't like any of them. how about "Olivia Floats".

Alison said...

Nice! I like that!

I had boiled it down to In the Hot Tub, which is accurate, but on the lame side.