Friday, November 16, 2007

We had a sweet little gathering here the other night--Angela was in from N. Carolina--so I invited G and Bethie and we had squash soup and veggie burgers, green beans, and dark chocolate and wine, and we actually SANG, and C played the grand piano, and it was lovely.

I got up early with him today and had coffee together, before 7 a.m. This is how we know it's real love. I will not get up before 7 for just anybody. But it is the best time for us to talk--no interruptions, and I am not so exhausted from saying, "I'm looking for a quiet hand," and "Patrick, focus on your own poem," and "Great simile!" that I acually can say things--I remember what I'm thinking. By the end of a teaching day I'm toast and not good for much except staring at the wall and drooling--I've shot my wad.

Tonight we're going to a hot springs for a weekend away--much-needed!


Jhonn said...

that sounds really nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're funny--enjoy the hot springs.