Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Jessica said...

Hey, Alison--It's true. As your cousin, I do love you and the rest of my family with a fierce intensity. I love that we can be loud and cackle and snort without reserve. I loved seeing that Emily seems happier than I remember her being in the past. I love that I called Dan a "Butthead" without thinking when he teased you about turning 50. Dad had the time of his life. We'll be hearing about this for years. It's the stuff of Luterman Legend. Thanks for coming and being a part of it all. I'm glad to have met C. Tell him he was very brave to put up with us. (Mike said they just enjoyed the quiet of the balcony and watched the planes coming in. It must be a white-bread Protestant thing.) And I truly think his tartan pants were fantastic. The Bay City Rollers have nothing on C.
Love you totally, intensely, fiercely, Jess