Saturday, March 24, 2007

Deep in the stack of student's fantastic, really, like diving into a cave. Wonderful variety. It's just a lot.

The plumbing crisis resolved, we then had a lost dog crisis as my housemate's dog Vinnie slipped out while Oscar and I were futzing with pipes and hoses and propane torches. Twenty-four hours, very little sleep, and some tears later he was found and all is well again.

I was woken up this morning by the chirping voice of Theo, my almost-8-year-old nephew on the phone. I love the way he just says "Hi!" when I pick up the receiver, as if of course I will know it's him. Which of course I do.

He was calling to thank me for the little play I wrote for him and his sister and his girlfriends across the street. It's tricky to write in a part for a 3 year old, but all I have her do is sing Twinkle twinkle little star and roll around on the floor, which I'm sure she can handle.

I swam half a mile yesterday--was pleased I could still pull it off--and no soreness today! There were some retired black ladies in the jacuzzi near where I was swimming, talking about pacemakers, and Jesus, and what a blessing it is to find work as a health aide because you're helping people. "I'm enjoying every minute of it," one of them said.

Another one, a large woman, kept saying, "I just thank the Lord I'm vertical. That's all. Thank You for getting me out of bed this morning!"

"Thank you Jesus!" agreed her friend. "And thank You for giving me a girlfriend who will drag me to the gym!"

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