Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I saw Little Children the other night with amazing Kate Winslet playing a depressed housewife. It's one of the most intelligent, literary, best-directed films I've seen in years. I know they had to give the Oscar to Martin Scorcese this year, and that's fine, but it should have won at least best screenplay. Honestly, I thought it was better directed than The Departed, which was enjoyable, but hardly a masterpiece. Now I'm totally itching to see King of Scotland and Volver and Pan's Labyrinth.

I went overnight from being pretty happily underemployed to having a full schedule; this week, I'll be starting two--no, three Writing Salon classes: Memoir, Personal Essay, and next Wednesday, Poetry. I'll be in the second grade at the elementary school tomorrow. There are now two rehearsals a week for See How We Almost Fly most weeks. I fly to Michigan for the workshop production of my play Saying Kaddish with my Sister at the end of April. NEA application deadlines loom, I'm writing an article for my friend Tim Perkis' movie Noisy People, and I need to get my deposit in for the Africa trip by tomorrow.

Thank God my room is clean and organized, thanks to super-hero Julie, and getting a new housemate for the in-law proved surprisingly painless.

Oh, and I forgot to say I'm organizing a Wing It! Passover Seder at my home.

I went walking in the brisk chilly weather today and got caught in the rain--I loved it! Got soaked to the skin--I swear it was HAILING!--came home and took a hot shower, ate a baked potato, and started editing student work. The garden looks ecstatic, the grass has grown a foot overnight, and suddenly everything is blossoming.

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