Friday, December 29, 2006

Things I've made in the last year:

An apple pie (using mostly agave nectar instead of sugar, and the crust turned out very good)

A fat blue scarf with two kinds of yarn for my sister-in-law

An "homage to Gee's Bend" quilt (in process)

A lot of new poems

A new essay or two or three

This blog

Student critiques and recommendation letters

Stirring arguments and fiery tirades

Jokes--some better than others

A lot of coffee

Two turkeys

A lot of improvised poems, stories, dances, with Wing It!

A couple of new friends

Some boundaries

A complete new one-act play and the first draft of a full-length play

Plans for a dance-theatre performance



Lesson Plans

To-Do lists which were never completed in the time frame I thought they should be

My bed (not every day though)

Indonesian squash soup

Chicken soup for friends who were ill

Rituals and ceremonies, especially with Beth and Ellen

Three cross-country journeys--one to NYC for my play, two to Massachusetts to see family

A lot of prayers

Contact--physical and emotional

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